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Welcome to the Chaplaincy at the heart of the Canterbury Christ Church University. 

We are a team of Christians who share in ministering to the holistic welfare of the University, whether that is through supporting our ethos, engaging in pastoral care or enabling people to follow and engage with their own religious traditions.

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Psalm 150:6
let everything that has breath praise the Lord.

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A Listening Ear

Have you ever wondered what it is a chaplain actually does? Well, a chaplain’s job is to look after the holistic wellbeing of both staff and students within the university institution. In short, they are paid to have time to listen and be present to all who require their attention.


Never feel that your problem is too small or too large, or that you are alone in dealing it. The University Chaplaincy is there to support you, so please get in touch if you need us.


Rev Dr Jeremy Law
Dean of Chapel
Chaplaincy Centre 
Mobile: 07730672273

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Sacred Space from a different place

As I compose this little booklet (see above), I am sitting at our dining room table working alongside my family, as we all strive to work from home. My eldest[…]

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International Nurses’ Day

May 12th each year isInternational Nurses Day“I’ve had a number of colleagues and family members whose lives are indebted to the care, action, support and kindness afforded by nurses at[…]

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