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A Discovery of Life

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So, this week I had the chance to do the sermon or talk at my home church. I had two days to put it together and it went something like this:
The Baptism of Christ
So, it’s Monday afternoon. I’ve just sat one exam, been shopping for my best mates 21st, made a cuppa and I ring my nan. She’s at the hospital visiting my grandad, who was meant to be doing this today and so she asks if I’ll do the talk for today. Of course, I say yes! For those who don’t know, I’m in my third and final year at Canterbury Christ Church studying Theology, so any chance to do some more exploring is always a good thing. And then, I got told that I could do the talk on anything I wanted. To which I said, “Oh cool!” but my brain went “That’s dangerous!” I can talk about anything I want to. I could do the Theology found in the Dark Materials trilogy or the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. I could confuse and baffle you all by talking about theopaschitism or discuss ontological arguments, but that’s a bit too much for [insert time here] in the morning!
So, after due consideration and deliberation, I decided I would play it safe and talk about Baptism, especially as we’ve been reading about the baptism of Jesus today. These are a funny few weeks in the church. Last week, we had the visitation of the Magi and Jesus was 18 months old. This week, he’s around the age of 30, and in three weeks’ time, he’ll be just over a month old. This is simply due to the way that the church calendar works and not because Jesus is a Time Lord, or so I tell myself anyway!
So, time for some audience participation! There are still pantos going on, so no excuses!
Raise your hand if you remember your baptism or Christening Day?
I’d have been surprised if a lot of hands went up. Unless you came to faith as an adult, you were likely baptised as a baby or small child. I for one can’t remember mine, I was only three months old! But I have photos that I can look at and there are people around me who do remember that I can talk to about it. I know that my parents still have the decoration off my christening cake and 21 years later, its still in one piece! I also know that they kept my candle and certificate- handy as I needed it to go to secondary school! But I can’t remember the day, or the people who were there, what readings we had etc. There are some baptisms that I’ve been to that I can remember. While being in Canterbury, I took part in the Alpha course which was held at the Baptist Church. In my small group, one of the guys came to believe in Jesus and wanted to be baptised. In a show of support, a group of us from the course went along as he didn’t have any family in the area. It was the first time I had been to a Baptist baptism and I knew it was going to be different. For one, Ben didn’t have any Godparents, he made all of his promises himself. And two, Ben was baptised by full submersion rather than over the head with water. It was such a special day and I won’t forget it in a hurry. The other baptisms I can remember are, of course Phoebe and James’. I have no excuses not to remember these, I was 16 and 18 when they were baptised, and I also became Phoebe’s Godmother, although she tries to deny this fact. Honest, Phoebe, I am one of your godparents!

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