Day 4 of meet your Chaplains: Alanna-Jayne Williams, Lay Chaplain

Chaplaincy at Canterbury Christ Church

Day 4 of meet your Chaplains: Alanna-Jayne Williams, Lay Chaplain

How long have you been a Chaplain?

I’ve been a Lay Chaplain at CCCU since September 2018, initially my first year was part time, and now I’ve been full time for the last year and a half and my contract comes to an end in August this year.

What did you study before becoming a chaplain & why did you decide to take up Chaplaincy? 

I actually studied Theology at CCCU after taking two gap years, the first working in an insurance brokerage in N.I., and the second being an AuPair in Munich, Germany. During my 1st and 2nd year at uni the Chaplaincy had Isi and Jane as Lay Chaplains, during my 3rd year there wasn’t a constant female presence and there wasn’t as strong a connection with the CU as what there had been previously. I thought it was noticeable, so by Christmas in my final year I had decided that would be my position to fill.

What is a recent book you have read?

I actually finished Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie last night. During the first lockdown I bought a bundle of Poirot’s adventures and I’m slowly making my way through them. The other book I’ve recently finished is The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry which I would highly recommend.

What music are you loving at the moment?

I’m married to a music teacher, I get introduced to a lot of music. I’m currently loving the orchestral arrangement of Victory by Two Steps from Hell. 

What are your hobbies?

Good question, most have been stripped back over the last year. I enjoy cooking and baking, especially if I get to enjoy the fruits of the labour with friends over a cup of tea. I enjoy skiing, but it’s been 3 years yesterday since I last went out on the slopes. I also enjoy a good murder mystery book. I’m currently trying to teach myself how to play the guitar and violin, with varying levels of success.

What is your favourite film?

I love a movie called Wild Target- it’s a dark comedy about a hitman who falls in love with his target and chaos that ensues. It has a wonderful cast and is just a perfect amount of British humour.

What is your favourite quote?

‘I wouldn’t even entertain that thought’- some of the wisest words I hear quite often from my dad.

Who would you most like to meet and what would you want to ask them?

Elisha from the Bible- Essentially to ask if he feels he overreacted in the situation we read of in 2 Kings 2.

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