Chaplaincy at Canterbury Christ Church

The season of Lent invites us to enter a time of contemplation and spiritual growth. It is more than simply abstaining, from alcohol, sweets, and social media. It is a period of anticipation in preparation for the central focus of the Christian faith, namely Jesus’ death and resurrection. This Lent the chaplaincy in partnership with CCCUsports are launching a “leaner for lent” campaign. (#leaner4lent)

Faith is more than merely a sedentary, cerebral activity it involves a whole-body response, Luke 10:27 tell us that the greatest commandment is to love the lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, with all your strength and with all your mind and love your neighbour as yourself. In these times of Covid19 we have already given up so much as we have retreated into homes to reduce transmission and save lives, this is an act of neighbourly love but in doing so we have cut ourselves off from one another, we have spent almost year lamenting our loses and digging deeper, now as lockdown fatigue truly sets in there is a need this Lent to reawaken our senses and recommit ourselves to God through acts of worship.

Leaner for Lent, encourages us to get active, to get fitter, in body, mind and spirit. Actively engaging in things to stimulate our bodies, our prayer lives and our minds. Through out the forty days of lent we will be offering opportunities to engage with health and fitness professionals as well as providing weekly reflections and activities for you to get involved with from your own home.

As the Church part of our calling is to corporate worship, and yet ironically our calling to love one another prevents us from gathering in large groups. To seek to combat this we would encourage you to attach the hashtag #leaner4lent to your activities and achievements so that we might join in with supporting one another and rejoicing in you as an individual.

So join us over the next forty days as we commit ourselves to a heathier, Leaner Lent. #leanerforlent

What is Ash Wednesday
Leaner for Lent introduction
Week 1- Good Instruction by Dave
Week 2- Contribution by Lynne
Week 3 -Practice and Repetition by Jeremy

Feel free to light a candle, leave a message, say a prayer or simply write the name in loving memory of those whom we have loved and lost but whose memory we cherish. Light a candle