Chaplaincy at Canterbury Christ Church

Thoughts from the Isolation Sofa V

The sermons of Hope…. For approximately the last three years, my academic work has evolved around examining sermons from the 18th and 19th century. These sermons provide a unique insight into the time they were written. From the series of Lenten sermons given in Lombard Street by the Christian Socialists in the 19th century, to…
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Thoughts from the isolation sofa IV

The Church has left the building, but God has not left the Church. I will confess that this week has been particularly difficult. It has brought the ravages of Covid-19 in its complete unadulterated nastiness too close to my desk for me to feel comfortable or untouched.  Although we are all healthy, sadly that cannot…
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Thoughts from the isolation sofa III

I don’t want to forget.………. How are you this week? I hope that you have all taken time to get use to the ‘new normal’. We are aware as a Chaplaincy team that new normal has meant increased workload; financial pressures; worries over food and heightened concerns for family and friends for many people. Please…
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Thoughts from the isolation sofa…………II

Chaplaincy, still here and still supporting………. How are you this week? Struggling to find your feet? Struggling to complete simple tasks? Struggling not to be snappy? Struggling to find meaning in studies or work? Can I assure you that you are not alone and it is completely natural to feel like this. You have to…
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Saying Good-Bye

Thoughts and reflections from the Dean Friday was a very strange day. It was a day in which the extraordinary – the last day on which the North Holmes Road Campus was open for the foreseeable future – was punctuated by the mundane: having may car serviced.   I drove straight to Barretts Honda, dropped the…
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Thoughts from the isolation sofa…………….

Ok I’ll admit it, I’m scared.  Both my wife and son have underlying medical conditions that places them in the higher risk category. My son is at school, travelling on public transport and to be honest due to his various conditions at times he is not the best role model for hand washing.  So yes,…
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Chaplaincy Update – Coronavirus

Dear Students (and staff), What a strange moment in history we are experiencing.  There are many unknowns at present and the situation, especially its effect on each of our universities at the Medway Campus, is changing day-by-day.  Here is some of my advice to you: 1. DON’T WORRY  …  I appreciate that might be easier…
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A Discovery of Life

Zoe’s Blog So, this week I had the chance to do the sermon or talk at my home church. I had two days to put it together and it went something like this: The Baptism of Christ So, it’s Monday afternoon. I’ve just sat one exam, been shopping for my best mates 21st, made a…
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Student Vlog


Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity (Ps 133) One of the pleasures of being involved in HE chaplaincy is the joy, during term time at least, of living in community with one another. A way of being that has been at the heart of Christianity since…
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